A.B. & Norman

"the shady salaryman"

driven to the edge by his career's consuming grip, norman birthed an eerie entity: A.B., a sentient specter of stress!

A.B. grants him some uncanny abilites, but norman must now also deal with his shady shenanigans at work!


  • full names:
    norman schmidt | a burden

  • ages:
    40 | 11

  • hobbies:
    drinking, playing board games | annoying norman, playing board games

  • sources of stress:
    A.B., work | noon, norman retiring

  • theme songs:
    the logical song - supertramp | the logical song - mindless self indulgence

  • headcanon voice:
    mr. lawrence - plankton | tom kenny - spongebob (spongebob squarepants)