march 6th, 2024 - 2:58 A.M.

hey y'all quick little update post 'cause it's been a while :)

these couple months are going to be extremely busy as i have some huge important college deadlines in april. i'm stressing out a lot, but once i have everything properly planned out i'll be set. i'm rounding of therapy after a solid 4 months and i'm feeling a lot better!

i also got my hair cut pretty short today! i've had relatively long hair since the beginning of the covid period and i'm pretty attached to it so the post cut clarity hit pretty hard emotionally, but i figured it was time to change it up for a bit, and i'm beginning to get used to it :)

(i will not be changing my avatar's hairstyle lol)

january 10th, 2024! - 12:35 A.M.

happy belated new year! hopefully 2024 will be good to all of you :)

i spent my first week in the UK visiting friends and i had a lovely time, going out plenty, playing games and i don't think i went a day without drinking. finally had nando's for the first time after wanting it for the past 2 years i've been roaming through the UK and found a new favourite spot that can definitely take the rightful number 2 spot on my pizza place list.

after talking to one of my new friends over there about the master's degrees they offer at her uni, i'm really interested in applying for one once i'm done with my course in the netherlands! they seem to really align well with my current course and interests and could be a gateway for me to (maybe?(possibly?(perchance??))) move to the UK :)

october 29th, 2023 - 1:31 A.M.

it's been a while! very busy and mostly fun month, spent a lot of time with friends and on school stuff and finally starting proper therapy. cosplayed gear 5 luffy for a halloween party and it slapped. college is kicking my ass with deadlines and all but i once i get started i'll most likely be fine.

i've been feeling a lot better mentally lately due to personal reasons i won't get into on an art archive website lmao but i just wanna give a huge thanks to my friends, online and real life, for being silly and positive and keeping me as sane as possible for the past couple months, love you all <3

also new website tab; characters! i'll be posting my original characters there, every single one with a personal biography and wacky little trivia facts about them, hope you enjoy :)

october 2nd, 2023 - 3 P.M.

okay short one today i experienced major whiplash a couple days ago because for the last 2 years i've been drawing my avatar incorrectly; my blonde streak is on the left side of my hair and i've been drawing it mirrored.

after long thought and consideration (5 minutes) i've decided that it's now canon that my avatar is a mirrored version of me so I don't have to alter anything, thought he still gets his clothes at regular stores and not M&H

october 1st, 2023 - 5:19 A.M.

happy october :) i'm slowly but surely sprucing up the website and its starting to look very cool.

i've been enjoying doing 3D stuff a lot, especially since i finished my avatar's model. posing the model is so easy compared to what i'm capable of in 2D. 2D art is the thing i ultimately wanna focus on, but i can use the model for reference too which is great. i might do a complete overhaul of all my socials with the 3D stuff i've been making 'cause i love the look of it on my site. i'm not expecting myself to do any more big projects in 3D though, i love what i have now but the process of creating a fully functioning 3D model is not something worth repeating for me, don't quote me on that though lmao

i'm not expecting to write a post every day btw, but the site's new and writing down my thoughts is surprisingly nice. alright cya

september 30th, 2023 - 5:48 A.M.

this is my first blog post! i'm writing this as my friends are screaming while playing games and i'm working on the site a bit.

i needed a place to properly organize the things i've worked on and i've been wanting to set up a site for it quite a while now so the beginning of second year at college seemed like a good moment for that. 2023 has been quite a shitty year and it's been difficult to find a drive to do anything, but the idea of slowly building up a portfolio of some kind on my own website has been really motivating me to keep making art and the process of making a site with HTML has also been very satisfying.

the site is very much still in its infancy but i hope i can get it mostly finished quite soon :) anyway i need to sleep now cause it is almost 6 ttyl